Brand Story

2020. 01     Development and release of "ALL IN ONE" for                                battlefield item navigation
2019. 12     Entry into the Australian market 
                     ("HSD" brand dealership agreement)
2019. 09     Limousine Vehicle Development Launch
                   (Renault Motors Master 13-seater bus)
           05      CDC Electronic SHOCK ABSORBER Development
2018. 01     Korea Industrial Tuning Association designated as                       the head of the Gyeonggi Branch
           06     Development and release of full-length item                                  "CANCELLER"
2017. 05     Osan Automobile Maintenance Shop Opens
           12     AIR SUSPENSION Development Launch for Tuning                       Vehicles
2016. 09      Entry into the Chinese market 
                     ("HSD" brand dealeragreement)
           08     Development and export of COILOVER with 3WAY                        control of damping force
2015. 07     Entering Southeast Asian (Thailand) Market 
                     ("HSD"Brand Dealer Agreement)
           11    Development and export of COILOVER with 2WAY                        control of damping force
           06     Entry into the Japanese market
                     ("HSD" brand dealer agreement)
2013. 05     Participation in the German Exhibition
           11     Participating in the U.S. Exhibition 
                     (Las Vegas SEMA SHOW)
           04     Entering the European market 
                     ("HSD" brand dealership agreement)
2012. 02     Entering the North and Central American market                          ("HSD" brand dealership agreement)
2011. 08      US$5 Million Export Top Award
           07      Launch of Brake System (HSD)
                     Development for Tuning
2010. 05     Tuv Certification (ISO 9001 Certification)
2009. 11     US$3 Million Export Top Award
           06     Designated as promising export SME by the Small                       and Medium Business Administration
2007. 05     INNO-BIZ Corporation Certification Acquisition                              Small and Medium Business Administration
           12      HSD brand launched in Korea
           09      ISO14001 Certification Acquisition
2006. 06     Relocation of Sinwang-ri Plant in Yanggam-myeon,                       Hwaseong-si
           08     Promising Small and Medium Businesses in                                  Gyeonggi-do Province
2005. 07     Industry-Academic Joint Technology Development                      Company Selection
2004. 11     Obtain a quality certificate for door crawlers
           08     Gyeonggi-do Governor Won the Best Businessman                       Award
2003. 06     Designation of industrial family companies
           07     Small and Medium Business Administration                                  designates promising SMEs for export
           06      QS9000, ISO9002 Certified
           04      Selected as an Internet Trade Frontier in Korea
2002. 02     Domestic Sales and Establishment of A/S Center                        (Wauri, Bongdam-eup)
2001. 09     Establishment of Domestic Sales Network in Korea
                    Relocation of 344-2 Gongwon-ri, Jeongnam-                                  myeon, Hwaseong-si
2000. 03     HD System Corporation Corporation Transition to                        Corporation
                     Korea's first COILOVER for domestic models is                              released in Korea
1999. 03     Selected as technology-intensive SMEs 
                     (Small and Medium Business Administration)
1998. 03     Korea's first Coilover export to Japan 
                     (Japan O.E.M.)
                    Snowmobile Shock Absorber O.E.M. Export                                   (Canada, USA)
1997. 10     Establishment of Hwaseong Industries

CEO   Choi Yoon-joo